Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu Training

Training in the traditional Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu is suitable for both newcomers to Martial Arts and more experienced practitioners. Please note that for health reasons however, children under 16 are not permitted to train as their physical structure simply isn’t ready.Be advised that if you are interested in seeing a session you will be expected to train.
Much of what we do involves the development of internal power and cannot be appreciated by simply watching. Classes are held in a supportive but serious atmosphere and beginners need to participate to determine if the Art is something they wish to pursue.
All training by invitation only and no one is permitted to watch “Wear a T-shirt and tracksuit pants and bring a large bottle of water”
All instructors are current Blue Card holders required to teach anyone under 18 yrs.

Brisbane Classes

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights,
    Classes begin at 6.15pm sharp
    St. Andrews Hall.a
    58 Enogerra Rd, Newmarket
    Please contact Sifu Paul Brennan
  • Gold Coast Classes

      Tuesday and Thursday
      6.30pm till 8.30pm
      46 Bailey Crescent, Southport, Goldcoast
      Please contact Sifu Steven Parrella
      for all enquiries m. 0416 120 515
  • STH Brisbane Classes

      Monday and Thursday
      6.00pm till 7.30pm,
      (arrive 10mins before class starts)
      Cnr Junction & Oxford Streets.
      Woolloongabba / Stones Corner
      Please contact Sifu Arthur Castrisios
      for all enquiries. m. 0411 672 020
  • Berlin Classes

    • Now Open!
      Please contact Sifu Tavis Ellem for more information

    Brisbane Class

    Message from Sifu Paul Brennan

    I’d like to make mention of the men in these photo’s above these words.
    Most of them have been with me now for more than 17 years. They have worked hard through this system to learn its lessons.
    Endured things time and time again, that stop most poeple.
    And given this system and myself a respect that brings pride into my heart.
    I trust these men unconditionally to teach Chow Gar Mantis Fist to those that frequent their schools.
    Follow these men with confidence, their hearts are truly martial