Dit Da Medicine The Ancient Art of Healing

This ancient form of physical therapy was cultivated within the walls of the martial temples of China. Dating back more than 4,000 years- the ability of the Art to heal continues to be recognised and trusted by the Chinese people.

Martial practicing Monks were taught Healing Arts in the senior levels of training. The Martial Art body wields more controlled power, making adjustments to the skeleton easier and far safer.

Prognosis through feel and touch is more sensitive following prolonged dedication to Martial training due to the power within the hands and fingers and in many cases a personal experience of the injury itself. This one quality brings great sensitivity and knowledge towards the patient and their new ailment.

Due to change or war, much of the knowledge escaped the Temples with departing Monks and then passed on to other Martial Artist families outside the Monasteries. Over time, the Martial Art and the Healing Art forms would be adopted and developed by these families, then given title by having the surname of the family within the name of the martial system and medicine.

This particular form of medicine and martial art is from the Chow family, or Chow Gar (Gar meaning family in Cantonese). Other styles like Hung Gar and Jow Gar Kung Fu also have their own healing arts.

It seems remarkable that even though all of these healing arts have developed from different places and families, with many varying recipes for herbal healing, the technique and principles vary little as the ultimate root and objective remains the same- to stimulate and work with the body’s natural healing processes for faster, more complete recovery.