Class Etiquette

Training is taken seriously. Development of skill in the Southern Mantis systems demands dedication and commitment. To foster a class atmosphere that will help everyone get the most out of their involvement with the school, Sifu asks that the following guidelines be observed:

  • Arrive a little early to training. Classes start at 6:15. If you are running late still make the effort and come to practise
  • Turn mobile phones off during class.
  • Never touch any of the weapons unless invited by Sifu or a senior student.
  • There is time to talk with other students after class. Be polite and friendly but remember that people are there to train.
  • Always refer to Sifu Paul Brennan as “Sifu”.
  • Listen to Sifu or Sihing (senior students). Don’t make excuses or be disrespectful when a senior is explaining a technique- stop training and try to understand what they’re trying to help you with.
  • Concentrate on your own training. Try not to breed the spirit of competition with fellow students
    – the real challenge lies within yourself.
  • Swearing and joking are in-appropriate while in class.
  • We are all brought up with manners, it is advised to use them
  • The key to training is, just turn up!